Peel Completely About RAM Random Access Memory

Peel Completely About RAM Random Access Memory

RAM Random Access Memory is one crucial component in a gadget, both computers, PCs, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, cellphones, smartphones, and all electronic items that use the operating system. What is RAM? Why is RAM so important? How do you choose the right RAM? Everything will be used in this article.

Hearing the word Memory, then at least we know that it must be related to the media or something used to store data. Various kinds of memory are certainly very much, sometime we will discuss it too. But this time, we will focus on discussing about itself RAM because RAM is more often encountered when we are going to buy a laptop or a smartphone.

Difference between RAM and Hard Disk

Although both memory, there are differences between RAM and internal memory or some call it storage, or more popularly called Hard Disk. For the equation, all memory has an equation that is to store data. But the difference is that if the hard disk is permanent, then the RAM is temporary memory. So, RAM will only store data when a laptop or cellphone is on or has power. In other words, the memory will work if there is power.

While hard disks are different, hard drives have permanent properties, so if the data is already stored on the hard disk, then even if the hard disk is turned off or not powered for a long time, then the data will not be lost and remain stored on the hard disk. Then how do these two components work and collaborate on a notebook or smartphone?

So the flow is like this, when we turn on a computer/notebook/smartphone, we certainly do activities such as typing tasks using office applications or notepad. When we are typing, before we store it on the hard disk, the current text that we type is still stored in RAM and is still temporary, therefore maybe you have experienced annoyance and annoyance when you are working on a task, and you have not stored it on the hard disk, and suddenly the power goes out, once you turn on the computer again, then your typing that is done for hours suddenly disappears. This is because your data is only stored in RAM and not yet stored on a permanent hard disk.

Importance of RAM for Your Computer

Then how does RAM influence the performance of a computer or smartphone? Certainly very influential. The greater the RAM capacity, the faster the performance of an operating system. If likened to a store, the boss is the Processor, while the employee is RAM. Boss intelligence in managing employees is certainly very important, but of course, the number of employees is equally important. No matter how great the boss’s brain is, if the store is very crowded while there are only a few employees, then surely the employee will be frustrated so that there is a queue in serving buyers’ requests.

Likewise, your laptop, even if you use a high processor, but if it is not balanced with an adequate amount of RAM, then the performance of your computer will not be maximized. When you are running a heavy program and coupled with opening many applications, then your RAM will automatically beat your request, and what happens your computer will be slow, not responding, and can be noisy.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a laptop, smartphone, or any device that uses an operating system, then pay attention to the RAM capacity too, don’t just focus on the processor. After understanding the function of RAM, we will now discuss RAM again in terms of quantity and quality.

Quantity and Quality of RAM

Quantity and Quality of RAM Random Access Memory
Quantity and Quality of RAM Random Access Memory

So, in choosing RAM, it turns out that a large capacity is not enough. It turns out that in addition to quantity problems, good RAM must also have good quality. In quantity, RAM is currently divided from 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, to 32GB. The minimum standard for a computer that currently uses the Windows 10 operating system is 4Gb if we recommend 8GB for maximum performance.

If the quality is fulfilled, then don’t forget the quality problem. Both have a capacity of 4GB, and each ram has a different speed or speed of performance. Therefore, if we pay attention to the label printed on a RAM, there is, for example, PC3-12800 RAM 4GB writing, it indicates that the RAM has a capacity of 4GB, third-generation (DDR3) and has a transfer rate of 12800MB / s.

For example, like this, back again to the example above. For example, in a store that both have four employees, but in-store A, the skills of employees in serving customers is very slow, not nimble, and tend to be lazy, this causes the service to be suboptimal, slow and disappointing. Whereas in Store B, out of the four employees, all have qualified work skills, they are fast, precise, and very agile, the results are maximum service, and customers are served quickly and satisfied.

RAM Random Access Memory Generation

Generation of RAM Random Access Memory
Generation of RAM Random Access Memory

In its development, RAM continues to grow to meet the needs of users. Previously we were familiar with the terms SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, which are currently the most widely used but will soon begin to be replaced by DDR4 because of their faster performance and affordable prices.

What is DDR? DDR stands for Double Data Rate (DDR), which means two data transfers that occur per hour. What distinguishes the generation of DDR1 to DDR4 is the smaller power consumption, but the faster the resulting performance:

• DDR1: Out in 2002, 2.5 Volts, 266Mhz speed with 128Mb density

• DDR2: Out in 2004, 1.8 Volts, speed 400Mhz with 256Mb density

• DDR3: Out in 2007, 1.5 Volts, speed 1066Mhz with 1Gb density

• DDR4: Out of 2013, 1.2 Volts, speed 2133Mhz with 4Gb density.

RAM Random Access Memory Model

RAM Random Access Memory Model
RAM Random Access Memory Model

For computers and laptops, there are two terms for RAM, namely DIMM and SODIMM. This is what really distinguishes the size. DIMM means the Dual Line Memory Module. This DIMM means RAM that is used for a PC or computer, whereas SODIMM means Small Outline DIMM, which means that RAM is physically shorter and is used for laptops.

Following is our explanation about RAM. So from now on, if you want to buy a laptop or assemble a PC, RAM is one of the important components that you must pay attention to. Do not until you are wrong and disappointed because you buy an onboard RAM notebook. You also do not be disappointed because you assemble a PC with a High-End Processor, VGA OK, hard disk is big, but the RAM is small, so the performance is not bad, but rather slow. Thus Peel Completely About RAM, hopefully useful.